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Vortex Filter - VXD 2


  • Removes water, oil and solid particles
  • Compact and light weight
  • No Electricity used
  • All aluminium resist oxidation and scale formation
  • Large surge chamber

The Concept

Vortex Filter eliminates 100% water in liquid phase. Air is termed as Dry air as long as there is no water in liquid condition Vortex Filter removes and evaporates water thereby assuring 100% liquid water free air ie.dry air. This process does not lower the Dew point. Any cooling after the Vortex Filter will result in condensation. Hence these dryers are to be used near the end use machines (ie.less than 4m)

How it Works

In the first stage coalescence takes place as wet and dirty air is made to spin and tumble through an indepth-bed made of Stainless Steel line wire. Moisture in the air condenses into droplets by centrifugal force. Which along with other contaminations travel down the wire to the bottom of the filter cartridge and on to a honeycomb structure water subsequently drains out.

In the second stage air enters a lightly wound filter elements made up of highly absorbent long staple cotton backed by SS wires for mechanical strength. When the streamlined flow of air is intercepted by the filter elements it breaks down into small vortices called Micro Vortices. This phenomenon is known as Vortex Shedding Small micro vortices are formed with a vacuum where water particles are trapped. Then the water particles disintegrate and evaporate.

Oil droplets coalesce in the first stage, while oil vapour is absorbed by the second stage elements, effectively removing 99% of oil content. A filtration efficiency of 100% is achived for solid particles of 5 micron size and 50% for 1 micron size.


Model VXD 2
Max. Flow 25 scfm
Max. Working pressure 15 kg/cm2
End connection ½' BSP
Size (H x B x D) mm 200 x 100 x 50
Weight 1.25 Kg
Air Inlet Condition Max. Fluid Temp 70oC
Material of construction Extruded Aluminum
Coating Powder coated
Sealing Polyurethane & Nitrile Rubber


For optimum results the Vortex Filter should be installed closer than 4m to the air operated equipment.


First Stage Cartridge : The SS wires remain unaffected by liquids. Only solid particles accumulate and clog the filter. REPLACE EVERY 5000 HOURS.

Second Stage Cartridge : Oil vapour absorbed in the second stage reduces the oil absorbing capability of the second stage. It must be replaced when saturated by oil. REPLACE EVERY 1250 HOURS.